Gazing out the window

I have this thing…I need my desk, or wherever I work, to be near a window out of which I can easily see. As I work (read, study, write), I spend a good deal of time gazing out the window. Right now I am looking out of our front window, and there is nothing particularlyContinue reading “Gazing out the window”

Pulling Back the Cobwebs

Well, dear readers, I have been absent for a while — a long while — without any explanation. Over a month.   Perhaps you may have thought that I have abandoned writing, or abandoned my blog. Neither of these are quite accurate. I have abandoned neither writing nor this blog, I have not been able toContinue reading “Pulling Back the Cobwebs”

The Saturday Demon

It’s simple really. All I have to do is put one word in front of another, types of words ordered in a particular way. As I often do when I am having difficulty writing, I begin gazing around my bookshelf and my eyes stop at Stephen Dobyns’s book, Best Words, Best Order. That’s it, I think,Continue reading “The Saturday Demon”

Blogging and Ministry

So I’ve been blogging regularly for about a month.  While I sought to post everyday, that has not yet happened.  This is about the time when I begin wondering if my little blog really matters that much.  I began this blog as a space to share some of my reflections and “left over thoughts” thatContinue reading “Blogging and Ministry”