The Redemptive Wilderness

Sermon originally delivered to the Calvary Reformed Church of New Berlin, Wisconsin. Text: Luke 4:1-13.   The other day, I went out for a walk, as I often like to do in the winter, on the lake behind my house. It is shallow, and it freezes over quickly, solidly, and smoothly. For someone who cannotContinue reading “The Redemptive Wilderness”

The unfair mercy of God

Sermon originally delivered at Calvary Community Church in New Berlin, WI. Text: Matthew 20:1-16 “It’s not fair!” I would protest. I am the oldest of three boys, and as is typical for siblings, and perhaps especially older children, I was hyper-aware to perceived unfairness.  It is almost this primal preservation instinct, that we have toContinue reading “The unfair mercy of God”

Hump Day Hymns – Lent edition: The Glory of These Forty Days

The glory of these forty days We celebrate with songs of praise; For Christ, by whom all things were made,  Himself has fasted and has prayed. Alone and fasting, Moses saw The loving God who gave the law; And to Elijah, fasting, came  The steeds and chariots of flame. So Daniel trained his mystic sight,Continue reading “Hump Day Hymns – Lent edition: The Glory of These Forty Days”

“Remember, you are dust…”

I’ve always enjoyed Ash Wednesday services.  I enjoy them not because they make me happy, but because they are powerful.  The reminder that we are dust, and to dust we will return is an important reminder.  The feeling of the grit of the ash on my forehead helps me to remember the grit of myContinue reading ““Remember, you are dust…””