Hump Day Hymns: Father, whate’er of earthly bliss

Father, whate’er of earthly bliss Thy sov’reign hand denies, Accepted at Thy throne of grace, Let this petition rise. Give me a calm, a thankful heart From every murmur free; The blessings of Thy grace impart, And let me live to Thee. Let the sweet hope that Thou art mine My path of life attend;Continue reading “Hump Day Hymns: Father, whate’er of earthly bliss”

Living with what used to be

It was a large square brick building painted grey, about six stories high. It used to be some sort of a manufacturing company, at least that is what I gathered from the remnants of the painted sign on the facade. The days for productivity for this building are over, at least that is what IContinue reading “Living with what used to be”

When it All Comes Together

Half-way through my sermon, I saw about one third of the congregation sleeping, another third appeared to be present in body only (somewhere else in mind), and the final third appeared to be engaged. After the service, I was told that the bathroom was out of toilet paper. It was full before the service.  This,Continue reading “When it All Comes Together”

“…God is bigger than the bogeyman…”

For several hours I gazed at the glow from the streetlights which reflected onto the bedroom ceiling.  As I listened to the heavy ticking of the second hand of the clock in the next room, I knew that I had to sleep because tomorrow was rapidly approaching. I was unable to calm my mind. IContinue reading ““…God is bigger than the bogeyman…””

I almost gave up on someone, and I’m glad I didn’t

Like many inner-city ministries, we often have people show up who are at various levels of intoxication.  We, as a rule, do not turn people away simply because they are drunk.  If people come to a worship service intoxicated, or show up to our Saturday morning breakfast program intoxicated, they are welcome to join usContinue reading “I almost gave up on someone, and I’m glad I didn’t”

Connection with God in the Midst of Concrete and Steel

I often hear people talk about how they feel close to God while in nature: a forest, meadow, lake, ocean.  It is in these areas that many people can often discern the fingerprints and footprints of God.  I can definitely relate to this, however, I have also learned to be able to encounter God inContinue reading “Connection with God in the Midst of Concrete and Steel”

The City and the Redemption of Creation

I try not to talk or write about politics very often as a normal course of my ministry.  My congregation is composed of people of all political stripes, and I strongly believe that no one political ideology has a corner on the Gospel.  However, something has been disturbing me as of late about the WisconsinContinue reading “The City and the Redemption of Creation”