Why are you still a follower of Jesus?

Recently, a friend and colleague posed this question on social media. It’s a great question and one that isn’t asked enough. Particularly with all the misuses and abuses of Jesus and Christianity for causes which are harmful, hateful, and opposed to the very message of the Gospel. These are not new misuses and abuses, theyContinue reading “Why are you still a follower of Jesus?”

Wait…Where are we going?

Sermon originally delivered to the Calvary Reformed Church of New Berlin, Wisconsin. Text: Genesis 15:1-18. It is one thing to hear about the promises of God, or to read about the promises of God. It is another thing altogether to really feel and understand the promises of God. Especially when you are in a difficult place.Continue reading “Wait…Where are we going?”

Knocking in the Night

A sermon originally delivered at Calvary Community Church in New Berlin, Wisconsin Text: John 3:1-17 I’m not much of a night person, but I wish that I were. Night time is enchanting. While the day-dwellers go to sleep, another world awakes, both people and animals. While we often think that it is only malice thatContinue reading “Knocking in the Night”