On Being a Doubter-Sensitive Church

I had a conversation with someone the other day on the sidewalk in front of church.  I was picking up some trash that always blows into our bushes from the park across the street.  A person stopped and asked me some questions about our church, which I answered.  I told him about our Saturday morningContinue reading “On Being a Doubter-Sensitive Church”

Ministry is terrific…or is it terrible?

There is someone who would often ask me, “so how was work with God today?”  This was of course referring to the fact that I am a pastor and with the assumption that I get the ability to spend every day in some kind of special divine fellowship.  This is true insofar as we all,Continue reading “Ministry is terrific…or is it terrible?”

Reflections on my faith and the Church

I have been reflecting on reasons why people leave the church, stay in the church, or return to the church.  This also began making me reflect on why I am still a part of the church, and why I am a pastor of a local church.  I have been connected to a church ever sinceContinue reading “Reflections on my faith and the Church”