The Saturday Demon

It’s simple really. All I have to do is put one word in front of another, types of words ordered in a particular way. As I often do when I am having difficulty writing, I begin gazing around my bookshelf and my eyes stop at Stephen Dobyns’s book, Best Words, Best Order. That’s it, I think,Continue reading “The Saturday Demon”

Is This What it is Like?

I spent about two and a half hours yesterday over a sausage and pepperoni pizza and a steaming cup of black coffee. I was with another pastor. I, just finishing my first year as a pastor and he, coming into his last year as a pastor. I was able to express some of my painsContinue reading “Is This What it is Like?”

Reflections on my faith and the Church

I have been reflecting on reasons why people leave the church, stay in the church, or return to the church.  This also began making me reflect on why I am still a part of the church, and why I am a pastor of a local church.  I have been connected to a church ever sinceContinue reading “Reflections on my faith and the Church”