Wounds in the Body of Christ

Eendracht maakt Macht These words adorn the banner at the bottom of the crest of the Reformed Church in America. Often the translation into English is, “Unity makes strength” but, as I understand it, a better translation is “Concord makes strength” — a pulling together like a team of horses. *** The Christian church todayContinue reading “Wounds in the Body of Christ”

When you can’t find the words

My calling is centered around language, as language is the way to communicate, to express. In my pastoral role, it is my charge to speak to the community and for the community — to express the experiences and life of the community and to help us all find meaning in our individual and shared experiences.Continue reading “When you can’t find the words”

Waiting for the Mail Carrier

There is nothing like the excitement of waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. Internet tracking allows me to see exactly when it is going to arrive, and it is a day which brings eager anticipation. The items in the package are not that exciting, simply utilitarian items. I know what they are,Continue reading “Waiting for the Mail Carrier”

Hump Day Hymns: If Christ is mine, then all is mine

If Christ is mine, then all is mine, And more than angels know; Both present things and things to come, And grace and glory too. If Christ is mine, let friends forsake, And earthly comforts flee; He, the full source of every good, Is more than all to me. If Christ is mine, unharmed IContinue reading “Hump Day Hymns: If Christ is mine, then all is mine”

A Brush With Grace

I was almost in tears. “It’s just a jelly roll” my beloved attempted to console me. “It’s not about the jelly roll,” I responded. We sat quiet for a few minutes as we drove over the high point of the bridge crossing the port. The bridge is the best place to get a view ofContinue reading “A Brush With Grace”

Advent in Tension

Many of my parishioners walk to church, as most of my congregation does not own a car for financial reasons. One of these was walking the two blocks from her home to church. In that short distance she was struck by a car and died as a result of the impact. All of this whileContinue reading “Advent in Tension”

Living with what used to be

It was a large square brick building painted grey, about six stories high. It used to be some sort of a manufacturing company, at least that is what I gathered from the remnants of the painted sign on the facade. The days for productivity for this building are over, at least that is what IContinue reading “Living with what used to be”

…God First Loved Us

I had the privilege of administering my first baptism yesterday.  It was an infant who was recently born of one of the families in our congregation. It was a wonderful celebration of the sacrament of baptism.  The liturgy is beautiful, the child was adorable and dressed in this lovely white dress.  She fussed a littleContinue reading “…God First Loved Us”

A Cross in my Hand

I have a cross which is designed to be held in one’s hand. It was given to me when I was installed as pastor and teacher at my church. It has rounded corners and it is smooth to the touch.  It is unfinished and it is designed to absorb the oils from hands over time.Continue reading “A Cross in my Hand”