Why are you still a follower of Jesus?

Recently, a friend and colleague posed this question on social media. It’s a great question and one that isn’t asked enough. Particularly with all the misuses and abuses of Jesus and Christianity for causes which are harmful, hateful, and opposed to the very message of the Gospel. These are not new misuses and abuses, theyContinue reading “Why are you still a follower of Jesus?”

Number Worship and Strategic Salvation

“The church is dying!” In my corner of the the last remnants of Christendom, I hear this or something similar regularly. There is concern because our denomination, much like most North American mainline denominations, has a numerically declining trend. There is a fear that because the church is losing the privileged position that it hasContinue reading “Number Worship and Strategic Salvation”

Deep seated pieties

As I closed my eyes, I felt moved to a different time, and a different space. In becoming familiar with our denomination’s new hymnal, Lift Up Your Hearts, there was a hymn sing at the annual gathering of delegated Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Elders from the entire denomination from around the United States and Canada.Continue reading “Deep seated pieties”

Waiting for the Mail Carrier

There is nothing like the excitement of waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. Internet tracking allows me to see exactly when it is going to arrive, and it is a day which brings eager anticipation. The items in the package are not that exciting, simply utilitarian items. I know what they are,Continue reading “Waiting for the Mail Carrier”