Tuesdays are for Thanks: Coffee

It’s six o’clock in the evening, I look forward to what I want to accomplish before I hand over to God my meager offering of my efforts today, and retire for the night. Making my way to the kitchen I set in motion a most wonderful ritual, the beginning of which releases a strong andContinue reading “Tuesdays are for Thanks: Coffee”

Tuesdays are for Thanks: Snow

Linking up today with Micha Boyett I am a life-long resident of the north, and I still like snow. During the same time that seemingly everyone around me is pining for spring and swearing that they will move to a warmer climate by next year, I am basking in it. I love many things aboutContinue reading “Tuesdays are for Thanks: Snow”

Tuesdays are for Thanks: City Reformed Church

Walking up the several concrete stairs, I think of the songs of ascent, sung by the faithful of ancient times as they went up the steps to the inner court of the temple to meet God. I am not ascending the steps of the temple, these are steps to a Methodist church building — aContinue reading “Tuesdays are for Thanks: City Reformed Church”