On not being afraid

This time of year, Advent transitioning into Christmastide, is a time in which we frequently hear the words, “Do not be afraid.” Depending on what Gospel you are reading, an angel shows up to Zechariah, Mary, and Joseph, and begins with the same words, “Do not be afraid.” Do not be afraid. Some conclude thatContinue reading “On not being afraid”

“Being” as witness to the resurrection

I’ve been meditating and thinking about John’s account of the resurrection, which is the appointed Gospel text for Easter Sunday (John 20:1-18).  I find John’s account fascinating, particularly because at first, rather than angels proclaiming that Jesus is not there but is risen, we have an empty tomb, with all of the thoughts, fears, andContinue reading ““Being” as witness to the resurrection”

“Remember, you are dust…”

I’ve always enjoyed Ash Wednesday services.  I enjoy them not because they make me happy, but because they are powerful.  The reminder that we are dust, and to dust we will return is an important reminder.  The feeling of the grit of the ash on my forehead helps me to remember the grit of myContinue reading ““Remember, you are dust…””

Why I’m Avoiding Christmas Music During Advent

This is the time of year when people begin talking about getting into the “Christmas Spirit”.  I must confess, I’m not in the Christmas spirit, but I think that it is okay, because now is not the time to be in the Christmas spirit, this is the time to be in the Advent spirit. InContinue reading “Why I’m Avoiding Christmas Music During Advent”

Advent in a Wintry Eschatological Perspective

As a child, my family did not fully celebrate Advent. We lit Advent candles at church, but we still put up Christmas decorations and sung Christmas songs during Advent (which is not exactly proper observance). As an adult, I have begun celebrating Advent, and I have found it to be very meaningful. Advent is aContinue reading “Advent in a Wintry Eschatological Perspective”