Where have I been?

I have a confession to make: My houseplants are dead. All of them. Three years ago I would shutter at the thought. I spent much time and energy watering them, feeding them, pruning them, placing them in and out of sun as needed. I loved them. But here we are. I am now the owner of several dead, though once magnificent houseplants. And these are hearty houseplants too!

So please take your collective sigh of relief that I am not a parent.

I figure if I can’t properly care for houseplants I would be in trouble with children.

Anyway. My houseplants are dead. My blog is dusty. My flat is a mess. I’m currently sick…again. This pretty much sums things up as of late.

So where have I been? I’ve been here, but unable to write much worth posting. My off-line life has been full. There are major transitions coming down the pike with my ministry, and these require both time and emotional energy. The past few months, I have had little of the former, and almost none of the latter.

Beginning in Lent, I have been somewhat hit or miss here, which is not the way that I like to be. I typically have thought of myself as dependable. For me, writing is both freeing and taxing. It is a requirement for me to live and experience life, but it is work, work that requires a great deal of mental and emotional energy, which I have been lacking as of late.

My hope is that soon I will be able to offer to you something rich, deep, and meaningful. So thanks, readers, for hanging with me through these thin times. If you’re of the praying type, say a prayer for me too. God knows I need them.

Published by Matthew van Maastricht

Matthew serves as the pastor and teacher of the Altamont Reformed Church in Altamont, New York. He is a Fellow of the Reformed Church Center at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and teaches for New Brunswick Theological Seminary. His particular interests are church history, the Reformed confessions, and church polity. The views expressed here are his own.

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